Business and Estate Records

A list of the collections held as Gifts and Deposits in this category

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  • Charles Morrison and Son Ltd, ship chandlers and ironmongers, Stornoway 1884-2001
  • Civil Aviation Authority Aircraft Movements Log Books 1956-2003
  • DD Morrison, general merchants and electrical retailer, Stornoway 1920-2007
  • Donald Macaulay, warehouseman and merchant, Stornoway 1906-1929
  • Harris Tweed Authority (HTA) 1898-2017 (see this page for more information and full catalogue link)
  • Lewis and Harris Estate 1900-1925
  • Lewis Coffee House Company 1878-1911
  • Lewis Development Fund Ltd.1972
  • Lewis Estate Barvas rent ledgers 1854-1920
  • Sir James Matheson of Achany and the Lews Bart. c.1861
  • Roderick Smith MPS (formerly MacPherson & Company) 1863-1936
  • South Uist Estate kelping papers 1890-1910
  • Stornoway Shipping Company Ltd. 1913-1921
  • Stornoway Water Company Ltd 1848-1872
  • Stuart Bagshaw Architect c.1982-2020
  • Western Isles Development Fund Ltd. 1972

If you wish to use any of these collections for research please contact the archive service.

Please see this page for an overview of all the archive collections.

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