Ravenspoint Centre, Pairc

Pairc Historical Society

Pairc Historical Society was formed in 1990 and is based at the Ravenspoint community museum in Kershader, Isle of Lewis. The Society collects information about the villages of Lemreway, Gravir, Marvig, Cromore, Garyvard, Caversta, Kershader, Habost, Orinsay, Calbost and Steimreway.

Open: Monday-Saturday, 11.00 am to 4.30 pm

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Pairc Historical Society was formed in 1990 and is based at the Ravenspoint community centre in South Lochs, Isle of Lewis. Its museum houses archive and object collections relating to the people, families and industry of the area, as well as the Angus MacLeod Archive. The Society is very active, publishing booklets on the local area as well as its own quarterly magazine, Tional.


Pairc Historical Society was one of four historical societies who participated in the first phase of Hebridean Connections. Much of the Society’s genealogical data, archive material and photographs of artefacts have been digitised and are available through the community digital archive of Hebridean Connections.

The Society’s holdings include:

  • Photograph collection
  • Croft histories
  • Oral history recordings and transcripts
  • Calum Kennedy collection
  • Patagonia and whaling artefacts
  • Extensive tool collection
  • Travelling pulpit
  • Hero of Buzancy collection (Angus Macmillan (1886-1961), the most highly decorated Lewisman in the Great War)
  • Angus Macleod Archive (in collaboration with the Islands Book Trust)

The Society also cares for the Marvig Fisherman’s Barometer pillar. This was built c.1860 through an initiative of Admiral Fitzroy, the head of the Meteorological Department, as one of a series issued to fishing communities. The barometers were intended to help fishermen predict severe weather.

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