‘Archaeology Awakened’ Open Days

Project Officer Samantha Ferrer reports on our ‘Archaeology Awakened’ Open Days

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Over the last two weeks of July 2022, we held a number of museum Archaeology Open Days with the theme of ‘An Introduction to Outer Hebrides Archaeology Objects’. What an experience! It was an excellent opportunity for visitors to have a nosey behind-the-scenes of the Archaeology Awakened project and discover more about archaeology in general and brochs, in particular, of course!

Visitors learning about brochs in Scotland
Visitors learning about Iron Age objects
Selection of objects from the Iron Age to the present
A selection of copper-alloy pins from the late Iron Age which were unearthed at Loch na Beirgh

The spotlight of the day was the assemblage of Loch na Beirgh; many of you had an opportunity to see the copper-alloy pins (there were plenty of them!), the delicate glass beads, the ton of pottery and bones, and the occasional bag of coprolites (aka old poo!).

Because we were celebrating brochs (did I mention Loch na Beirgh is a broch?)  I challenged you to build your own with bricks. So many great builds! If you have Lego at home and want to have a go at building a broch, check these instructions from Brick To The Past as a starting point.

A model broch made by a visitor out of Lego

If you missed the opportunity to come along to the July Open Days, stay tuned for our next edition very soon.

Group of visitors from America

This article was originally published on our blog in October 2022.

The Archaeology Awakened Project is funded by Museums Galleries Scotland.

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