Local Government Records

Local government records for the Outer Hebrides date back to 1845 with the establishment of the Parochial Board and later Parish Council system to administer poor relief. With the introduction of County Councils in 1890, District Committees were set up to manage some County Council functions at a local level. In 1930, District Committees were replaced by District Councils. These in turn were replaced in 1975 by a new unitary authority – Western Isles Islands Council (later renamed Comhairle nan Eilean Siar) which remains the local authority for the Outer Hebrides. The local government records which have survived are listed below by island.

Development plan for Castlebay
Development plan for Castlebay, Barra, 1951

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Parochial Board / Parish of Barra, 1872-1943

Barra Public Assistance Committee, 1937-1948

Barra District Council, 1930-1956

Barra Road Trustees, 1879-1888

South Uist and Benbecula

Parochial Board / Parish Council of South Uist, 1891-1963

South Uist District Council, 1930-1974

South Uist and Barra District Committee, 1890-1960

South Uist and Barra District Nursing Service, 1927-1934

South Uist (Daliburgh District) Nursing Association, 1914-1936

North Uist

Parochial Board / Parish Council of North Uist, 1870-1948

North Uist Public Assistance Committee, 1930-1961

North Uist District Council, 1930-1951

North Uist District Committee, 1890-1930

Long Island Combination Poorhouse Committee (Lochmaddy), 1875-1942


Parochial Board / Parish Council of Harris, 1863-1932

Harris Public Assistance Committee, 1932-1965

Harris District Committee, 1890-1934

Harris District Council, 1930-1975

Harris (Tarbert) Ambulance Committee, 1946-1963

Harris Nursing Association, 1928-1948


Lewis District Committee, 1890-1930

Lewis District Council, 1930-1954

Lewis Combination Poorhouse / Coulregrein House (Stornoway), 1893-1970

Lewis Public Assistance Joint Committee, 1930-1975

Barvas Parochial Board / Parish Council 1884-1930

Lochs Parish Council, 1890-1930

Stornoway Parochial Board / Parish Council, 1845-1943

Uig Parochial Board / Parish Council, 1885-1930

Police Commissioners of Burgh of Stornoway / Stornoway Town Council, 1864-1975

Landward Committee of the Parish of Stornoway, 1895-1930

Stornoway District of Roads, 1866-1975

Stornoway Public Library records, 1905-1949

Inverness-shire County Council

The principal records are held by Highland Archives, Inverness.

Ross and Cromarty County Council

Valuation & Assessment Rolls are held for 1899-1973.

All other records are held by Highland Archives, Inverness.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Minutes and agendas, 1974-present

Please see this page for an overview of all our archive collections.

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