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Both Museum nan Eilean and Tasglann nan Eilean have a remit to collect items related to life in the Outer Hebrides. Please see the relevant section below based on whether it is an archive, artefact or archaeological assemblage you wish to enquire about donating.

Burgh of Stornoway Bye-Laws for Seasonal Workers (detail)


Our collections document many aspects of the Outer Hebrides – the way of life, the economy and cultural aspects throughout history.

Tasglann nan Eilean is keen to collect original records of historical importance to the Outer Hebrides including those of clubs, societies, trusts, businesses, community groups and individuals. Whether you are considering depositing the archives of a person, club, society or business, please get in touch to enquire about whether we are able to accept your collection.

When records are taken into our custody we will:

  • provide secure storage in conditions that are designed to ensure the preservation of the records;
  • catalogue the records to professional standards;
  • provide supervised access to the records to enable their use for research;
  • ensure confidential records are appropriately secured.

Records can be gifted to the archive or taken on deposit with the depositor retaining legal ownership. For more details, please contact archives@cne-siar.gov.uk.


Museum nan Eilean is always interested to hear from individuals, families or organisations who wish to donate an object that relates to the prehistory, history and culture of the Outer Hebrides.

We collect artefacts that may be of interest for public display and exhibitions as well as for reference or research, now and in the future.  If you’ve got something you think could be added to the museum collection, please contact us in the first instance. 

Our Collections Committee, composed of the professional staff of the museum, meets regularly to assess potential donations. To help us decide, we rely on photos, measurements and descriptions of the object along with any related history or stories about it so the more information you can send us the better.  For more information see the guidance document below. Please contact museum@cne-siar.gov.uk if you have further questions.

Donating an object

Archaeological Assemblages

Museum nan Eilean, as the local authority museum service, actively applies to Treasure Trove for the allocation of archaeological material found or excavated on the Outer Hebrides. Archaeologists working on the islands are expected to adhere to all relevant Scottish and UK legislation, as well as the standards and guidelines of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and other relevant professional organisations.

Please consult our guidelines below on how to prepare archaeological assemblages for transfer to the museum. These cover the standards of documentation, packing and labelling required. Adherence to this guidance will ensure that archaeological assemblages deposited with us are properly documented and in an appropriate condition to maintain their stability and access for future generations.

Depositing Archaeological Assemblages
Victorian toasting rack
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