Heritage Policies

Outer Hebrides Heritage Services operate under a number of policies which define the standards we aspire to. They also provide a governance framework for all the public services that we deliver. The Policies take account of statutory compliance, accreditation requirements and best practice. The Policies can be viewed by clicking on the buttons below.

Please note that due to the Covid pandemic, the timetable for updating our policies has slipped and most of the policies below will be refreshed in 2023.


MnE Forward Plan 2023-2028 MnE Collections Access Policy 2023- 2028 MnE Collections Development Policy 2023- 2028 MnE Documentation Policy 2023 – 2028 M&TnE Collections Care & Conservation Policy 2023 – 2028 MnE Loans Policy


Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Archive Policy Archive Forward Plan 2017-2020 Archive Loans Policy Archive Collections Information Policy M&TnE Collections Care & Conservation Policy 2023 – 2028 Archive Collections Development Policy Archive Access Policy
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